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  • Exposed roof
    Exposed roof waterproofing is one of the most important parts ...
  • Planting roof
    Planting roof waterproofing membrane has the functions of waterproofing and preventing the penetration of plant roots.
  • Marine
    In the process of shipping, especially in the process of dry bulk cargo shipping, waterproof and moisture proof measures should be taken in the cabin, otherwise the cargo will be damp or mildewed, resulting in economic losses.
  • Swimming pool
    The swimming pool is in the state of water storage for a long time, and it also bears water pressure. Since it comes in direct contact with humans, it must be environmentally friendly and non-toxic.Therefore, the swimming pool must choose the appropriate waterproof material to achieve the best waterproof effect.
  • Villa
    Villa is different from ordinary residential, it has an independent land, in addition to the design of a lot of humanized facilities, such as basement, landscape platform, sunshine room, and so on, but these aspects of the construction is easy to bring the villa water leakage problem.So the waterproof system of the villa is very important.
  • Wall
    Generally, the exterior walls of buildings need to be waterproofed, the interior walls of bathroom and basements need to be waterproofed, and the interior walls of other parts generally do not have waterproofing requirements.
  • Basement
    Basement is not only the functional part of the building, but also the structural base of the whole building, so basement waterproofing should be put in an important position.
  • Road and Bridge
    Modified asphalt waterproofing membrane for road, bridge, high-speed railway and tunnel is a kind of polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane
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