RGT-BP Butyl Rubber Putty

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RGT-BP Butyl Rubber Putty


RGT-BP Butyl Rubber Putty is made of butyl rubber, using the latest patented technology, through a special process produced by the environment-friendly solvent-free sealing adhesive material.It is a quick and effective method of sealing and repairing that produces a lasting protection in all climates.


Base materials

Butyl rubber

Surface materials

PET, non-woven fabrics etc.

Release paper

PE film, kraft paper etc.






10m-30m roll,can be customized

Chemical Base

Butyl rubber compound


*Upper surface and release paper can be customized.

*The thickness, width and length can be made based on customer’ requirements.

* Single side adhesive and double sides self adhesive can be made.

  • Excellent mechanical properties
    High bonding strength and tensile strength, good elasticity and extension performance, strong adaptability to the shape change and crack of the interface, and good ability to trace the shape change of the substance.
  • Stable chemical properties
    It is equipped with excellent chemical resistance, weather fastness, and corrosion resistance.
  • Reliable application performance
    Excellent binding property, water resistance, leak tightness and low-temperature resistance, and high stability in size.
  • Windows, doors

    Gap sealing of windows, doors, etc.

  • Exterior walls

    Joints and cracks in asbestos cement sheeting, cracks under masonry ties and anchorages, around wall penetrations (such as water pipes), gutters and down pipes.

  • Cars

    Car industry, repairing of roof and cars.

  • Terraces

    Joints between terraces and exterior walls, joints in parapets, roof edges, sides, flashing and joints.

More Details Installing Guideline
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  • The surfaces to be sealed must be dry, capable of bearing load and free from grease and dust. Remove all loose dust and dirt with a wire brush and soft broom from the area of application.
  • Unroll and cut butyl tape to the required length.
  • Peel the backing strip and apply the adhesive side onto the prepared substrate.
  • Smooth down using a roller or gentle fingertip pressure to prevent air pockets and creases, and to ensure a good tight seal. It is very important to press down the edges and ends of the tape. All joint connections have to be overlapped min. 50 mm.
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