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RGM-SM-PVS PVC Swimming Pool Liner

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RGM-SM-PVS PVC Swimming Pool Liner


RGM-SM-PVS PVC Swimming Pool liner is one of RG JIAYE PVC membrane family. It is a kind of Polyvinyl chloride liner, reinforced with polyester mesh, mixing stabilizers, plasticizer, anti-UV agent, anti-aging agent,etc. The product is corrosion-resistant and chlorine-resistant. It has excellent size stability and lower thermal expansion coefficient, so it has strong adaptability to the external environment.









Blue,White,Mosaic or customized


*The thickness, width, length and color can be made based on customers’ requirements.


  • Exposed to sunshine: UV rays resistance, Long life, aging-resistant, can be over 20 years.
  • Suitable for pools in all shapes, easy and quick installation.
  • Easy to re-install, not easy to breed bacteria.
  • Flexible and waterproof, high elasticity. No need drainage in winter.
  • Good stain resistance, simple and easy maintenance.
  • Heat expands and cold contracts: synchronization.
  • Structure cracking: performance will not be affected.
  • Swimming Pools

    Especially for the walls and bottoms of swimming pools in all kinds of shapes and types, including public or private pools, SPA pools and other pools.

Installing Guideline
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  • Pool bottom preparation: Pool bottom kinds: concrete, steel construction, mosaic tile and so on. Note: if it is concrete, it must be cement matte surface. Make sure it is flat, dry and no sand.
  • Clear the ready pool bottom well
  • Mixed the two compensate glue well, then put it on the pool bottom and wall evenly and fully. Lay the PVC liner on it. Cut freely as the size, use welding gun to weld liner overlapping. With cork mood make the PVC liner more flat. Note: the overlapping size at least 5cm
  • Use liquid PVC do the side joint secondly to make sure good adhesive performance.
  • Please do other details handle, like water inlet/ outlet, light, etc according to your design.
  • Accepte inspection and finish the installation.
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