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  • RGA-PRIMER Primer for Bitumen Membrane

    RGA-PRIMER  Primer for Bitumen Membrane is a kind of in order to strengthen the bonding force between waterproof material and base course, before waterproof layer construction, besmear brush in advance on base course coating.In addition to increasing adhesion, it can also play a role in cleaning the base.Welcome to consult.

  • RGA-ADHESIVE Adhesive for Polymer Membrane

    RGA-ADHESIVE Adhesive for Polymer Membrane is a series of single component adhesives.This product series are mainly used for EPDM waterproof membrane, PVC waterproof membrane, TPO waterproof membrane and Polypropylene membrane. Welcome to consult .

  • RGA-BMTAPE Tape for Breathable Membrane

    RGA-BMTAPE Tapes for Breathable Membrane is a series of adhesive tapes for breathable membrane. It has dual functions including waterproof and breathable. A variety of surface materials available, welcome to consult.

  • RGA-WELDM Welding Machine

    GA-WELDM Welding Machine can weld Primer membrane of various thickness and are applicable for welding of all thermal-fused material such as LDPE, PVC, TPO,HDPE and and other hot melt materials.Welcome to consult. Power:4200W Temperature:20℃~650℃ Input Voltage:220V/380V Welding Speed: 1.0-10m/min

  • RGA-WELDG Hot Air Welding Gun

    RGA-WELDG Hot Air Welding Gun are sort of our company’s new style manual hot air welding tools .This heat guns is double insulation,constant temperature controlled and continuously adjustable. It is suitable for welding hot plastic material like PVC ,PP,PE, PVDF, EVA,ECB,TPO etc.Welcome to consult. Power:1600W Temperature:20℃~650℃ Input Voltage:220V/120V Air Pressure:2600 Pa

  • RGA-WCSPRAY Waterproof Coating Spraying Equipment

    RGA-WCSPRAY Waterproof Coating Spraying Equipment adopts German hydraulic motor, it is stable and reliable.It can change direction quickly and smoothly, with smaller fluctuation of jet amplitude. It can maximize the paint transport, and equipped with an improved paint filter, easy to remove and clean.Available in gasoline and electric versions.Welcome to consult.

  • RGA-POLYFAB Polyester fabric for coating

    RGA-POLYFAB Polyester fabric for coating is a high quality polyester fabric especially for waterproof coating. Its air permeability ensures the air permeability of waterproof layer, so that the water vapor formed by the temperature change of waterproof layer can be discharged in time, and the waterproof layer and base bonding are not affected by water vapor, thus ensuring the long life of waterproof layer.It is the best partner of waterproof coating construction.Welcome to consult.


    PVC/TPO walkway can be directly welded to roofing membranes by hot air and it has durable surface.Quick and easy construction, no need to lay liner. It is designed for roofing maintenance channel laying.

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